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Why NDR is so important

Networks are the foundation of today’s connected world, making them a prime target of cyber attackers looking to cause disruption and a key source of data for threat detection and analysis. IBM Security® QRadar® Network Detection and Response (NDR) helps your security teams by analyzing network activity in real time. It combines depth and breadth of visibility with high-quality data and analytics to fuel actionable insights and response.

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SIEM & NDR Better Together

How it's Used

Detect Lateral Movement

Gain visibility into unusual activity

Given the high volume of data traveling across your network, it’s easy for threats to go unnoticed. Detect reconnaissance, pivoting and transfers between devices — which are indicative of malicious lateral movement — in real time.

Stop Data Exfiltration

Reduce dwell time with quick detection

Attackers are patient, often exfiltrating data in small, infrequent batches. Uncover sensitive data moving across your network in real time by way of emails, chat messages, file uploads and downloads or social media.

Discover Compromised Devices

Automatically update assets to stay ahead of attackers

See new devices as they connect to your network. Continuously profile assets based on attributes and behavior to uncover threats, compromised devices and shadow IT.

Preform Threat Hunting

Shift from reactive to proactive

Query historical network activity to search for past activity, discover unusual behavior, and identify the assets involved to help prevent similar attacks in the future.


Eliminate blind spots
Get comprehensive, real-time visibility for improved network detection and response by combining event and flow data across on-premises and cloud environments.
Detect threats faster
Use machine-learning based analytics to help determine a baseline of normal network activity to identify suspicious behavior quickly before attackers cause disruption.
Use existing investments
Enable broad threat visibility, detection and response in a unified solution that helps eliminate pivot between tools while optimizing and scaling security investments.


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