Speed incident response with automation and process standardization

Improve SOC efficiency. Respond faster. Close skill gaps.

The early decisions you make when responding to a potential security incident often make the difference between containing it or a crisis occurring. Unfortunately, most organizations are using manual processes or custom code without full security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) functionality.

Get started quicker, improve your security operations center (SOC) efficiency and ensure your response processes are met with an intelligent automation and orchestration solution that timestamps key actions and aides threat investigation and response. IBM Security® QRadar® SOAR, a recent winner of a Red Dot User Interface Design Award, helps you manage costs and time with prebuilt connectors for a broad ecosystem of 300+ connectors, while helping your team respond more quickly and effectively, cutting response time by up to 85%¹.

In addition, QRadar SOAR solutions help you manage your response to 180+ international privacy and data breach regulations.


KuppingerCole SOAR Leadership Compass

Why QRadar SOAR

IBM Announces QRadar: New Suite of Cloud-Native Security Tools to Speed Threat Detection and Response

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