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The early decisions you make when responding to a potential security incident often make the difference between containing it or a crisis occurring. Unfortunately, most organizations are using manual processes or custom code without full security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) functionality.
Get started quicker, improve your security operations center (SOC) efficiency and ensure your response processes are met with an intelligent automation and orchestration solution that timestamps key actions and aides threat investigation and response. IBM Security® QRadar® SOAR, a recent winner of a Red Dot User Interface Design Award, helps you manage costs and time with prebuilt connectors for a broad ecosystem of 300+ connectors, while helping your team respond more quickly and effectively, cutting response time by up to 85%¹.
In addition, QRadar SOAR solutions help you manage your response to 180+ international privacy and data breach regulations.
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Why QRadar SIEM


85% reduction in incident response time²

5 min

5 minutes average remediation time with automation³


180+ built-in privacy regulations⁴

IBM Announces QRadar: New Suite of Cloud-Native Security Tools to Speed Threat Detection and Response


Seamless analyst experience

Respond to threats and remediate incidents faster with an open platform that brings in alerts from disparate data sources to a single dashboard for investigation and response.

Efficient analyst response

Ensure your response processes are met quicker by taking a more holistic approach to case management with custom layouts, adaptable playbooks and tailored responses.


Use automation to bridge skill gaps. Artifact correlation, investigation and case prioritization are automated before someone even touches the case. Your playbook evolves as the investigation proceeds, with threat enrichment happening at each stage of the process.

Breach response

Prepare for and respond to privacy breaches by integrating privacy reporting tasks into your overall incident response playbooks. Work together with privacy, HR and legal teams to address requirements for over 180 regulations.


Accelerate incident response
QRadar SOAR solutions use open standards in a customized case management approach. It has a broad ecosystem of connectors, uses dynamic playbooks and works with existing response processes.
Investigate incidents faster
QRadar SOAR solutions use automation for correlation, enrichment, investigation and case prioritization, which can lead to a reduction in incident response time by up to 85%.⁵
Orchestrate and automate response
QRadar SOAR solutions have a low barrier to entry for analysts to build automation, provide automated responses for high-fidelity alerts, quickly identify real incidents and eliminate false positives.
Get started easier
QRadar SOAR, winner of a Red Dot Design Award, provides threat intelligence and federated search capabilities at no additional cost. Get the speed and accuracy you need on a predictable pricing model.

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